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Therapy Modalities Used

I do not give advice, tell you what to do, or generalize your experience.

I honor your unique and complex inner world! 

What is  Play Therapy?

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) is an approach to psychotherapy that focuses on
1. understanding,
2. experiencing,
3. and expressing emotions in a therapeutic setting. 

This involves recognizing and accepting your feelings without judgment.

EFT aims to help you understand the origins of your emotions, exploring how past experiences and relationships may influence your current emotional responses.

Once emotions are explored and understood, EFT works on transforming them. This can involve finding adaptive ways to cope with difficult emotions and developing healthier emotional responses.

EFT helps you navigate and manage your emotions effectively in various life situations.

What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Somatic or mindfulness based psychotherapy  centers around grounding individuals' physiological responses of unpleasant feelings like anxiety, stress, or trauma. It focuses on recognizing bodily sensations and regulating ones' distressing physical sensations. It is  a sensation-based treatment.

Trauma, stress, and anxiety can overwhelm the body and nervous system. Somatic psychotherapy  is about processing these unpleasant sensations with intention and mindfulness, before rational processing. I will help you build your "toolbox" of soothing "resources" to help you "down" or "up" regulate your emotions and sensations. 

Symbols, metaphors, and the creative arts (including music, writings, and visual arts) may be used to explore the images or emotions that come up for you!

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