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Harold and Maude

1971 Directed by Hal Ashby

Oh my dearest favorite film. The only film I've seen more than 10 times and can join in reciting lines with!


I believe my repetitive viewing of Harold and Maude is a way for me to regress back to my adolescents (which is when I first watched the film, in a HS "Film History" course). I suppose that, occasionally watching Harold and Maude helps me maintain my faith in a romantic and hopeful perspective on life, which I never want to lose on account of adult-like cynicism and disenchantment. Through the act of repeatedly watching the film, I think my very conscious desire is to have that life--to be Maude! "I hope I live long enough to live as freely and bravely as Maude," was how I started my final paper in the course.


I will not ruin the plot by explaining why Maude (played by the late, wonderful Ruth Gordon) is my role-model, but I'd like to note how well a paring the viewing goes with the mission of No Nest, which is to explore unconventional views and lifestyles, death, dying, and meaningful relationships--this film does it all!


Maude is an inspiration for any woman who strives to squeeze every little bit of life from each and every second! 

Though, I would not go as far to say that the relationship depicted is not free of deep psychoanalytic issues, but if you focus less on what those are, and more on the themes illustrated in the film, you'll finish watching it joyfully entertained, with high appreciation, and maybe a bit more wise.

Oh! OH! Don't get me started on the soundtrack sung by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam! It's fantastic!

-Jasmine Celeste

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