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Virtual Psychotherapy with Jasmine Cepeda, LCSW

Serving Adults

in NY & CO



My name is Jasmine Cepeda, LCSW. I am a psychotherapist licensed in
New York & Colorado, based in Brooklyn, NYC.

I believe all human beings want to be seen, understood, and accepted. As a therapist, I offer a warm, safe, and patient space for such an experience. We all need someone to empower, validate, and actively listen to us in an empathic way, which is what I strive to do.

With over a decade of clinical experience, my therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in helping individuals foster their self-reflection, emotional expression, clarity, balance, and self-compassion. I guide clients through life transitions and help them process a diverse range of emotions, thoughts, experiences, and complex relationships that may cause distress. For instance, I assist clients in processing feelings such as worry, shame, guilt, fear, grief, disappointment, and sadness, while also facilitating acceptance, trust, hope, forgiveness, accountability, and a sense of enoughness.


With an eclectic therapeutic approach, I tailor my services to each person's unique needs, employing three main modalities: Emotion Focused/ Psychodynamic Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, & Mindfulness-based/Somatic-based Therapy. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional details about these modalities. My approach is centered around helping clients develop self-esteem, authenticity, and emotional regulation skills through building their own compassionate presence and mindful awareness. We focus on the present, while integrating the past and being courageously hopeful for the future,
even if uncertain.

Utilizing the virtual therapy platform Doxy, I provide accessible and convenient care without compromising quality. 

Lastly, as a native New Yorker and first-generation Latina, with a background in social work, I approach therapy through an anti-oppressive lens.


Outside of therapy, my interest includes yoga, meditation, and cooking!

I invite you to reach out and make an appointment or
a free 15 min. call to assess fit. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional insights and support.


(347) 354-6468

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