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Individual Psychotherapy

With Jasmine Cepeda, LCSW


My name is Jasmine Cepeda.
I am a psychotherapist, licensed in New York & Colorado, based in NYC.


I help in processing emotions (such as anxiety, shame, sadness, joy, contentment, and peace), thoughts (such as extreme, rigid, or assumptive ones), and experiences (such as past or present traumas).

I am a trauma-informed therapist that helps folks build their grounding practices to release stressful emotions and thoughts, and regain their sense of safety and "enough-ness."

I also specialize in "emerging adults" (or those who are 18-25 y.o.)., 1st gen. stress, and coping with emotionally immature or neglectful parents.

My style is present-oriented  and collaborative, where we focus on the emotions or thoughts being expressed in-session, and work together to increase awareness of thoughts & emotions, awareness of self, awareness of other/s, and awareness of the body & breath.

I incorporate 2 main modalities: Emotion-Focused Therapy and Somatic/Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. To learn more about these modalities click below.

Lastly, my social work background informs my anti-oppressive and anti-racist lens. 

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For individuals over 18

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