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With Jasmine Cepeda, LCSW


I am a Latinx Psychotherapist, licensed in New York & Colorado, based in Brooklyn, NYC.


As a psychotherapist, I believe we all need someone to empower, validate, and actively listen to us in an empathic way, which is what I thrive to do. 

All human beings want to be seen, understood, and accepted.

Therapy can be a safe and intimate space for such an experience.

I help in navigating life transitions, and/or processing emotions, thoughts, and experiences that cause distress. I specialize in life transitions, anxiety, social anxiety, self-doubt, decision-making, low self-esteem or self-worth, coping with Latinx family trauma, 1st gen. stress, BIPOC trauma, and emotionally immature parents.


I have also written the books and guided journals, 

12 Ways to Cope With Your Latina Mom & Her Difficulties and

12 Ways to Cope With Your Latino Dad & His Difficulties.

My Latinx and Social Work background inform my
anti-oppressive and anti-racist lens. 

I am also trauma-informed & help folks build their mindful,

somatic, and grounding practices to release trauma and energy. 

I incorporate 3 main modalities: Psychodynamic, Somatic, and Humanistic Psychotherapy.  To learn more about these psychotherapy modalities used click below.  

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For individuals >15

Information on
making a psychotherapy

appointment, and therapy modalities used

Therapy Modalities Used

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therapy modalities used.

Specialized Areas

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12 Ways to Cope With
Your Latina
Mom &
Her Difficulties
A Guided Journal"
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12 Ways to Cope With
Your Latino 
Dad & 
His Difficulties
A Guided Journal"
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