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As a Psychotherapist raised and still living in the diverse mega-city that is NYC, I have helped hundreds of folks from all races, ethnicities, and cultures cope with their distressing feelings and thoughts about their mothers. However, what makes me especially inclined to write about the nuanced difficulties of Latina mothers is my experience in facilitating groups with Latinx individuals (a gender-neutral term for Latinas and Latinos) struggling with their mothers. Being involved in these groups has brought clarity to the similar and overarching complaints that many Latinx folks experience.


In this guide, I want to help you explore the psychological consequences of having a mother with difficult behaviors. I also want to help you set boundaries and act towards your self-validation and self-protection. I want to help you remother (or reparent) yourself--to help you build your self-reliance, self-worth, and self-compassion. By building a better relationship with yourself, I also want to assist you in creating better relationships with others: whether it is in your romantic partnerships, friendships, or as a parent!


I dedicate this guide to my Latinx community!

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