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Professional Supervison
or Consultation

As your professional supervisor or consultant I will help you explore your defenses, feelings, thoughts, and transference or counter-transference experiences that arise around specific clients. I also explore your thoughts and feeling with your position as a Therapist.


My supervision style is open, but also has some needed structure. For example, some moments are structured to be client-centered, supervisee-centered, or "supervisory-matrix" centered. All three parts of the supervision have different outcomes and are explored. Please email me at if you'd like to book a session! Further information can be found below!


  • I do not offer free supervision or consultatiom.

  • Cost per session: $120-150

  • I take Zelle, Quickpay, Paypal, and all Cards

Supervision sessions are confidential unless:

  • there is clear and imminent danger to yourself, the client, or another person

  • you disclose information that provides evidence of current abuse or neglect of a child or an older adult

  • you authorize me to disclose information

  • or if (on the rare occasion) I am under court-ordered.

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