10 Ways to Celebrate International Childfree/Non-Parents' Day!

1) Write a letter to yourself about what your hopes and goals for the next 1, 2, or 5 years, put in an envelope, and write on it the date that you can open it.

2) Journal about your thoughts and emotions about being child-free and how it has gone this year.

3) Send thank you cards to the individuals in your life who have supported your child-free choice.

4) Read Ellen Peck's amazing 1972 People Magazine Interview

5) Have a special dinner by yourself, with partner, or friends/family.

6) Treat yourself ALL DAY! Brunch, shopping, movie, museum etc.

7) TAKE A TRIP! (perks of being child-free)

8) Watch films, like the ones noted on No Nest to affirm your decision!

9) Listen to music, like the ones noted on No Nest to inspire you!

10) Read a book related to the topic, like the ones noted on No Nest, or Ellen Pecks' foundational text Baby Trap.

No Nest