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Specialized Areas*

I continuously enhance my professional expertise and specialization in the following areas:​

  1. Processing emotions (such as anxiety, social anxiety, burn-out, self-doubt, shame, guilt, disappointment, anger, fear, sadness, joy, contentment, and peace)

  2. Processing thoughts (such as extreme, rigid, or assumptive ones)

  3. Processing past or present traumas, including childhood trauma

  4. Difficulties with Emotionally Neglectful or Emotionally Immature Parent/s

  5. Inner Child Healing & Intergenerational Trauma

  6. Setting Boundaries with Others & Being Assertive

  7. Grief & Loss

  8. "Emerging adults" or 18-25 y.o.

  9. Existential Crises (Quarter Life Crisis,, etc.)

  10. Reverse culture shock (returning home from being abroad)

  11. Identity Distress (racial, sexual, gender, 1st gen. stress etc.)

  12. Life Transitions (Dating, Breakup, Family Planning, Big Move, etc.)

*I do not specialize or work with the following: OCD, ADHD, major or chronic depression, postpartum depression, suicidal ideation, chronic self-harm/risk-taking, chronic eating disorders, substance misuse or addiction, domestic (physical or emotional) violence, or chronic insomnia.

*It is my ethical responsibility to advise you to look for a therapist that specializes in these areas.

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