Better Now 


Specialized Areas*

I continuously enhance my professional expertise and specialization in the following areas:​

  1. Trouble Identifying, Feeling, Expressing, and Processing Emotions

  2. Fear of Intimacy or Vulnerability

  3. Difficulties with Emotionally Immature or Disconnected Parent/s

  4. Setting Boundaries with others & Being Assertive

  5. Inner Child Healing & Intergenerational Trauma

  6. Identity Distress (racial, sexual, gender, First Gen etc.)

  7. Anxiety & Stress (including social anxiety & career burn-out)

  8. Increasing self-esteem, self-worth, & self compassion

  9. Imposter Syndrome (including career anxiety)

  10. Fear of Failure

  11. Procrastination

  12. Life Transitions (Dating, Breakup, Family Planning, Big Move, etc.)

  13. Existential Crises (Quarter Life Crisis,, etc.)

  14. Spiritual Development 

  15. Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

  16. Grief & Loss 

  17. Premarital Counseling

  18. Therapy for Therapist

I also do not specialize or work with the following: ADHD, OCD, major depression, postpartum depression, suicidal ideation, chronic self-harm/risk-taking, eating disorders, substance misuse or addiction, domestic (physical or emotional) violence, codependency, or chronic insomnia.

*It is my ethical responsibility to advise you to look for a therapist that specializes in these areas.