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Individual Therapy

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Through these uncertain times, I continue to hold 
secure teletherapy (through, which is free).
My main location is: 252 Java St. 
Brooklyn, NY, 11222
Sessions are 45 min. long. 


I do not offer free consultations.

Cost per session: $90 - $180

(dependent on your yearly salary)


Confidentiality: Psychotherapy is confidential unless
there is clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person,

disclose information that provides evidence of current abuse or

neglect of a child or an older adult, or  you authorize me to disclose

information, or if (on the rare occasion) I am under court-ordered.

Cancellation Fee: I hold your scheduled appointment time specifically for you and you alone. I also see a limited number of clients so that I can give you the focus and attention you deserve. It is extremely difficult for me to fill your last minute canceled session on short notice. Therefore, I charge $65 for individual appointments canceled with less than 24 hours' notice. The charge cannot be billed to insurance and is due before the start of your next session.

Accepted Insurances:

United Health Care & Out of Network​

Many insurances (like Emblem/GHI) provide 50-80% of reimbursement with out-of-network benefits.  Ask your insurance if you have Out-of-Network benefits. I will help you!

Professional Supervision or Consultation 

I offer professional consultation and supervision for LMSW's, LCSW's, and any mental health professional! Whether about private practice building, client consultation, or coping with being a therapist! I am here! Please email me for further details! (or click above link).


Cost per session: $90 - $180
(dependent on your yearly salary)

Therapy Modalities Used

ALL of the 4 modalities I use share the same goal (to help the client), but have different concepts and approaches to get there. ALL of the modalities by themselves also have their limitations, which is why I use an eclectic/mixture of modalities. The mixture of modalities that I use for each client is DEPENDENT on the level of APPROPRIATENESS and CLIENT'S OWN WISHES & GOALS in therapy.


I am always Trauma-Informed, which is an approach to therapy. Trauma-informed means that I understand & recognize how trauma affects one's life. Re-establishing safety, identifying triggers, & processing the trauma with the therapist are three main intentions of trauma-focused therapy.


I also always practice in an anti-oppressive, intersectional lens--bringing awareness to power, privilege, & positionality.  I am always mindful of deconstructing systems of oppression.

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

This form of therapy focuses on bringing light to the UNCONSCIOUS.


It explores what you may be in DENIAL about or REPRESSING, and unprocessessed MEMORIES.


It also explores the REPETITIVE unhealthy PATTERNS in your life (from CHILDHOOD to present).


It looks at your DEFENSE MECHANISMS & past TRAUMAS that have created fragments of the self.


It is also about the relationship with your THERAPIST, and how it mirrors or doesn't mirror the relationships you have outside of therapy.

What is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)?

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a combination of meditative, contemplative, and cognitive practices for cultivating a present-oriented, non-judgmental attitude called "mindfulness." It centers around grounding individuals' physiological responses of unpleasant feelings like anxiety, stress, or trauma. It focuses on recognizing bodily sensations and regulating ones' distressing physical sensations. It is  a sensation-based treatment. Trauma, stress, and anxiety can overwhelm the body and nervous system. Mindfulness is about processing these unpleasant sensations,  before emotional/rational processing.

What is Humanistic Therapy?

Humanistic/Person Centered Therapy focuses on both the UNCONSCIOUS & CONSCIOUS mind and focuses on SELF-ACTUALIZATION.

The therapist's UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD, EMPATHY, & GENUINENESS are the main drivers of the therapy.

The relationship provides a space for the client to finally feel fully accepted & understood.

The "ideal" self VS the "actualized" self are also explored; along with the obstacles between becoming WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

What is Jungian Therapy?

Based on a quirky Swiss man-- Carl Jung, Jungian Therapy focuses on the UNCONSCIOUS & personality archetypes that I explain and help you understand in therapy (like the persona, shadow, self, etc.). DREAM analysis, exploring symbols, fantasies, art, writing, movement & ENERGY are big parts of the therapy--aiming to bring FORM to the unconscious content. It is one of the most abstract/philosophical/mystical based forms of therapy, not meant to be used for every client**.